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let’s start it off with some sexy.

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

I’d probably put these guys in a similar boat as simian mobile disco; house beats, electronic production with lots of vocal and samples, good party music.  these guys have the biggest party ever at home.

Home Zone – Digitalism


BOYS NOIZE is coming to BETA this SATURDAY!  space junk will be there getting right proper that night before heading home for the spring break.

My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix) – Feist

awesome outkast song that was pretty popular a few years ago…but the sun never sets on an awesome bassline.

Ghetto Musick – Outkast

this was a pretty sweet find.  nice, long, trancy,

Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Fabric mix) – The Doors

this one is an ode to my last 2 weeks.  gotta love being an environmental design (read: architecture) student.

Insomnia (Uberjakd Gets No Sleep Mix) – Faithless


mimosa rocks.  tigran mimosa has been playing electronic music and especially dubstep out of oakland, CA for a few years now and he’s been taking the denver/boulder scene by storm.  he’s releasing a new ep called 58 degrees next week, be sure to look out for it.

Days Go By (Mimosa Remix) – Dirty Vegas

And finally, some theme music.  enjoy.

Deep Space – Sub Focus


air live at the forum in london

let’s start off with a nice, light, and easy song. take a deep breath of air.

Kelly Watch The Stars – Air

jan driver is on the boys noize record label and makes some industrial house that turns out to be rather dancable. (boys noize is coming to Beta on mar 19)

CS40M – Jan Driver

awesome track.  don’t get scared when it growls at you.

Grand Theft Ecstasy – Feed Me

fool's gold vol. 1

the next 3 tracks are off of the new fool’s gold (a-trak’s label) vol 1 compilation.  check it out, it’s got a ton of other killer songs on it.

Move Your Body – Sammy Bananas

Control Your Tuba – LA Riots

jokers of the scene have some pretty hard and bass-driven electro that borders on industrial or even metal.  these guys really know how to bring the bass and shake foundations

jokers of the scene

Power Slave – Jokers of the Scene

B4U (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) – Vitaminsforyou

this guy has been rocking my world lately as I’ve started to venture into minimal electronica and downtempo. (read: more chill, calm, and collected music; music for electric relaxation) he brings the beauty and general ambience of downtempo together with masterful production and minimal house beats.  music like this makes me feel better about the world.

Moonstruck – Booka Shade

killer goldfish track.  in a smilar emotional vein as the last track, with a more solid house beat, percussion, and worldly vocal samples.  set autopilot to cruise.

My Rainbow – Goldfish

drop some color.

Color Dropping – Eskmo

another great song I just kind of happened upon. it is a big, groovy fucker.

Drunk as a Monk (Rabbit in the Moon Mix) – Banco de Gaia

first rule of fight club: don’t talk about fight club

second rule of fight club: DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB

Jack’s Smirking Revenge – The Dust Brothers (aka the chemical brothers)

and now for some dubstep.


downlink was just at the ogden in denver with excision and antiserum and from what I hear they pretty much tore the roof off of the place.  check out these goodies.

Ignition – Downlink

Gamma Ray – Downlink

chase & status…white lies…match made in heaven.

Embrace – Chase & Status



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